Friday, April 10, 2009

A Dance That Shines Through Darkness

I won't be seeing C Me Dance, the latest entry in the Christian horror sub-genre, but I felt like this trailer was worth sharing because, well, it's about a ballerina vs. the forces of hell and it's pretty hilarious.

I'm not a Christian so I guess I'm not supposed to be the target audience for this and if I find it looks ridiculous, perhaps I'm just showing my disdain for the beliefs its propagandizing. But the folks behind C Me Dance (and those behind such other recent Christian-catering horror efforts like House and Thr3e) should consider that the heathens in Hollywood proved decades ago with movies like The Exorcist and The Omen that you can make horror movies for a mass audience of religious skeptics that make converting to Christianity seem like an imperative. Those movies were persuasive in making it look like getting with God could no longer wait. It may have been all ballyhoo but it was really good ballyhoo. If you're going to convince people to come around to your cause, you've got to deliver a rousing sermon.

If you don't, you're just preaching to the choir.


Matt-suzaka said...

When I read this blog...I saw God.

Jeff Allard said...

Man, that's gonna tick off the devil!

Tom said...

I saw the Exorcist at Showcase Cinemas in West Springfield during the first week that it opened way back in the day. I swear that my bed moved every night for a month or two after that. I could not sleep and I was scared shi$less. Sure made me pray every night to make it stop. I know that it could not have been really happenning but my night terrors were so strong that I really did feel the bed moving. Yikes. In this months Previews, there is a mechanical Regan tied in her bed toy. Press the button and her head spins around. Very funny!