Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Miner For A Heart Of Gold

Recently it occured to me to wonder what kind of pressure there must be to find love in Valentine Bluffs. I mean, everyone wants to find a connection in this world but when you live in Valentine Bluffs it must especially suck to be single. Then again, could there be a less romantic place to name Valentine Bluffs? When you decide to name a town Valentine Bluffs, you'd think it would have to be an area that was plainly condusive to romance, a place that had some real poetry in its landscape. Somehow, a dreary coal mining town just doesn't fit that bill. It's more a place where you just count the days until you die.

Oh sure, it's not all misery. I mean, thank God for alcohol.

But once you get to a certain age, forget it.

For all the decorations in Valentine Bluffs - for all the paper hearts and streamers - it still looks like a dead man's town. Or maybe you just have to see it through rose colored glasses to appreciate what it has to offer. After all, every place has its endearing qualities.

Doesn't mean you can find any love there, though. In the end, life's disappointments will find you no matter where you live. It's nothing to lose heart over. These things, they all come out in the wash.