Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Of 2011

This year wasn't exactly a booming one for horror but even if 2011 was somewhat soft for genre fare, it still delivered its share of memorable scares - even if some of the best were found on the small screen. Over at Shock Till You Drop, my top five of 2011 are listed, along with a few honorable mentions. Some might find my top pick questionable (or all of my picks, for that matter) but when I look back on 2011, there's no question what my number one genre addiction was.

All in all, I'd consider 2011 to be a definite improvement over 2010. Hopefully the films of 2012 will be even better.


Timmy Crabcakes said...

I'm both ashamed and excited to say that I've only seen one of the movies on your list (Insidious)... but the others are one my list and now I'll redouble my effort to track them down.
Attack The Block is one I've been wanting to see for a while but it's just never come within arm's reach.

Good list!

Jeff Allard said...

Thanks Knob! No need to feel embarrassed at not seeing all the films on my list - after reading the other Best Of lists on Shock I realize I have some catching up to do myself!

deadlydolls said...

I think this was a great year for horror. Sure, a lot of the better films landed straight to DVD (StakeLand, YellowBrickRoad), but there were more than enough strong theatrical releases (Yay Insidious!) and even good SEQUELS! THe more I look back, the happier I am with 2011's offerings.

Jeff Allard said...

Emily, I agree. Initially I was not keen to put together a Best Of list for 2011, thinking that I just couldn't come up with enough titles that I liked but as I looked back, I realized that the year wasn't half bad. In fact, there was a lot to like. It won't go into the history books as a great year for horror, but 2011 definitely had its moments.