Thursday, May 21, 2009

When Awesomeness Attacks!

The final cover art for the Werewolf DVD box set (arriving September 1st from Shout! Factory) is here and, well, I think it speaks for itself. In case it doesn't, let me just say - it's frigging awesome! It makes it clear that living without this set is not an option. It also says that when you call a show Werewolf, total bad-assedness will ensue. Kind of like when you call a show Hardcastle and McCormick, but even better. If anyone ever makes a show called Hardcastle and McCormick and Werewolf, let's just say you wouldn't want to be standing too close to me.

Thanks to Dread Central for scoring the advance look.


Matt-suzaka said...

Now THAT is a great cover! I'm so picking up Werewolf when it comes out!

Bob Ignizio said...

That artwork brings back fond memories of the big box VHS tapes of the eighties. Very cool indeed.

Cheap Beer said...

Even if I wasn't a fan of the show...that cover would intrigue me into looking further. It's pretty classy and I agree that it looks like a classic VHS cover.