Friday, October 21, 2011

Get Your Halloween Horrorthon On!

With Halloween approaching, the HorrorDads - Richard Harland Smith, Dennis Cozzalio, Greg Ferrara, Paul Gaita, Nicholas McCarthy, and myself - have taken a break from sewing our costumes and carving pumpkins to program our dream horrorthon.

When you watch horror nearly every day of the year, it's hard to single out a few films that deserve a prime spot on a Halloween playlist but I think we've come up with a line-up that will keep any fan shivering and shrieking from dusk till dawn.

Sadly, time, money and distance prevents the HorrorDads from renting out an old theater for real, serving up popcorn, sailing plastic skeletons over the audience, and insuring patrons against death by fright, but if you include any of our picks among your Halloween viewing this year, we'll surely be with you in spirit.

Read our entire talk at TCM's Movie Morlocks.

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