Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Shocks 1987: Predator

I'm relieved to see that the early word on Predators is very positive. Personally, I think even a bad Predator movie is kind of fun to watch - unlike most fans I didn't entirely hate either of the AvP movies - but it'd be really cool to see a really great one again. In 1987, the original Predator was hot stuff, for sure, one of that summer's best.

I remember seeing the trailers for it and flipping out over the camouflage FX for the Predator. To see that shape jumping out of the trees with that kind of pixelated, shimmering view of the jungle reflected it on it was like - wow, I've got to check this out!

There wasn't much question that I'd be checking it out anyhow - it was a Schwarzenegger movie and that was an automatic event back then. In the '80s, he couldn't choose a losing project if he tried. Some movies hit bigger than others but nothing derailed him and Predator remains one of the highpoints of his career.

Growing up in the '80s, I believed that cool movies like this would always keep coming along. Over time, that hasn't always proved to be true and looking back on Predator now is an occasion to appreciate that a perfect summer movie is never something to take for granted.

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Rusty James said...

I`m having a hard time believing in the cast. `specially against the original Predator cast!

Like c`mon. These new guys look like they work at a grocery store.

Jeff Allard said...

Well, I've read that Brody really pumped up for the role. We'll see. The truth is, a more macho cast than the original's will likely never be assembled. Even The Expendables would have to step back from the Predator gang!

Matt-suzaka said...

If you were to ask me at anytime what the three best 80's action movies of all time are, 95% of the time I would spout off, First Blood, Terminator, and motha fuckin' Predator!

On a macho side note, I love on the extras for Predator when Schwarzenegger talks about how he and "The Body" would compete a lot on set when it came to manliness. Seeing as Arnold is ever the cocky bastard, he told their weight trainers to lie to Ventura about Arnold's arm size, saying it was smaller than Ventura's.

As Arnold is telling this story on set, it is intertwined with Ventura bragging about how he has bigger arms than the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, it ends with Arnold laughing, knowing he got the best of Ventura!

Now THAT'S macho!

Jeff Allard said...

Yeah, Schwarzenegger was a master of manipulation. I've read that he totaly played mind games on Lou Ferrigno back when they were in competition on the body building circuit. I guess you don't get to Schwarzenegger's level of success - in film and politics - without knowing how to play people.

As for my own top three '80s action films, I don't know if I could ever get down to just three - this is the friggin' '80s we're talking about! - but off the top of my head, I'd have to go with The Terminator, Robocop, and The Road Warrior.

Matt-suzaka said...

You need to see Pumping Iron if you haven't before. Arnold is everything you read, and the way he just belittles Ferrigno in such ways is quite the sight. Plus, seeing him smoke a joint is worth the price alone!

Bob Ignizio said...

This is about as perfect an action movie as you can get. Arnie may not have had much range, but he knew how to find material that matched what he was good at.

Jeff Allard said...

For years Schwarzenegger had flawless instincts about how to choose his projects. Then after T2 he started to falter and it was all over. He made a few good films in that later stretch (and some bad ones that are pretty entertaining - "I'll show you collateral damage!") but he just didn't have the same knack any more. I wonder if he'd kept going with movies instead of going into politics if he would've figured out how to get his career back on track.

Unknown said...

This is a great film and I remember when it first came out thinking wow, this is the first time I could see a Schwarzenegger hero character actually get killed off in a film! Finally, they had put Arnie up against a real threat that could actually take him on. I mean, for most of the film the Predator has Arnie and co. on the backfoot.

Also, this film just has so many quotable lines of dialogue - I have many fond memories of my friends and I quoting this movie for weeks after seeing it.

Rotting Pumpkins said...

Looking forward to Predators even more after reading this. I hope it brings back something that made the original work.