Friday, March 13, 2009

There's Something Wrong With Esther

I love killer kid movies (my long-standing favorite being 1993's The Good Son starring Macaulay Culkin) and the new trailer for Dark Castle's Orphan makes this upcoming film (due July 24th) look like a winner in that category. I had high hopes for Joshua (2007) but that one didn't do much for me. Orphan was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who's last film was 2005's House of Wax remake, also for Dark Castle.

I loved the job Collet-Serra did on House of Wax and although it underperformed at the box office in May '05, I think it's a better 'body count' film than either the new My Bloody Valentine or Friday the 13th (and it boasted a genuinely spectacular climax as its surviving characters fought to escape a literal house of wax as it was consumed by flames). Since House of Wax I've been eagerly waiting for Collet-Serra to follow up on his debut and, at first glance, it looks like Orphan will be worth the wait.

ORPHAN trailer in HD


Wings1295 said...

When I saw your headline I thought "WHY do we need to know what's wrong with Esther? Got enough problems of my own!" hah...

Anyways, I agree with you on "House of Wax" - I liked it, definitely a better scary movie then people give it credit for. AND Paris Hilton gets killed and killed but good.

Will have to check out "Orphan", as well.

Jeff Allard said...

Yeah, in my estimation Collet-Serra's work on House of Wax was pretty sharp. The movie took a little too long to get up to speed and the final minute or so fell flat but other than those nitpicks, I thought House of Wax was quite the ride. I hope Orphan nets a bigger audience for him.

Matt-suzaka said...

That trailer is pretty awesome, and I love the Line "Oh look, Little Bo Peep texted me...she wants her outfit back."
I thought House of Wax was okay...a lot better than most gave it credit for.
I just watched a killer kids movie with a very young Andy Gibb called "The Children." It was a pretty fucking weird movie, and not very scary either.

Jeff Allard said...

Ha, that Bo-Peep line kills! As for The Children, do you mean the one from 1980 where the kids have the black fingernails and can microwave people just by touching them? If not, you'll have to fill me in on the movie you're talking about.

Matt-suzaka said...

Whoops...I meant "Devil Times Five" with Leif Garrett, not Andy Gibb. I do have "The Children" in my Netflix queue, so I must have mixed the two up. Maybe I was trying too block "Devil Times Five" out of my mind!