Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fly On The Wall

While watching the original Amityville Horror (1979) last week, this sinister piece of artwork displayed in the public library that James Brolin's George Lutz briefly visits jumped right out at me. I don't know if this creepy caricature is supposed to be a fly, or if it's some other kind of winged insect, but it sure looks like an emissary of Beelzebub to me. It's come and gone in an instant and Lutz never notices it but given the issues that he's having at home with flies gathering, I thought its placement in this scene was a buzz-worthy choice in decor. It's one sly fly.


Anonymous said...


In a strange sort of synchronicity, while I was browsing the web in a failed attempt to discover who the artist was behind this awesome cover of Lord of the Flies, I actually stumbled upon this image, which is the original version of the one you're referring to.

The connection that this picture has with the events of The Amityville Horror goes even further beyond the aspect of the flies, actually. This image is a representation of the ancient demon Belzebuth (better known as Beelzebub, one of the seven princes of hell), and it comes from the 1863 edition of the "Dictionnaire Infernal", a reference work on demonology by Collin de Plancy.

Thought it was interesting. Hope you do too.


Jeff Allard said...

I do, Jonny - thanks for the cool info! I guess that picture's appearance in Amityville was no coincidence after all. Nice to know the background behind it!

Timmy Crabcakes said...

I love it when filmmakers go to that extra level of detail... on things that might very well escape notice.
Cool that you spotted that.

senski said...

Hey Jonny - I believe that cover art from The Lord of the Flies is by
Ben Gibson.


Jeff Allard said...

Thanks for the awesome info, Senski!