Sunday, October 31, 2021

Dangertainment Is Off The Air!

Hey, I had a blast looking back on the many ups and downs of the Halloween series for this year's round of Trick or Trailers but I'll close out by giving the last word over to someone who fought the boogeyman head on, who got in his face, who walked in his house like he owned the place, and yet still lived to tell the tale, the head of Dangertainment himself, Freddie Harris: 

"...Michael Myers is not a sound bite, a spin-off, a tie-in, some kind of celebrity scandal. Michael Myers is a killer shark in baggy-ass overalls that gets his kicks off of killing everything and everyone that he comes across. That's all." 

Happy Halloween, everyone! 



Jose Andrade said...

Happy Halloween Jeff, I enjoyed your annual return for the season (of the witch). Was hoping to get your thoughts on Halloween Kills. I personally loved it. Hope to see you back around next October. Take care.


Jeff Allard said...

I hope you checked out yesterday's post with my thoughts on Kills, Jose! I loved it too. Saw it twice in the theaters. So cool to have a new Halloween on the big screen and one that delivered as well as Kills did. As for next year's round of Trick or Trailers, I plan to do it all over again as usual. Happy Halloween and take care!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Thanks for all the Halloween fun!

Hope you had a good month and a great Halloween!

Jeff Allard said...

I did, Joe! Hope you did as well. Happy Halloween!