Friday, April 3, 2009

Consider Me Thrilled!

An item that's been a regular on the bootleg circuit for years is finally making its official DVD debut. Fred Dekker's much-loved 1986 film Night of the Creeps is getting its due on disc this October. Michael Feslher of Red Shirt Pictures revealed on the horror radio talk show Dead Pit that Sony will be releasing Night of the Creeps in a director's cut supervised by Dekker and Feslher says that his company is "going to go balls to the wall with the special features on it."

Sounds like good news all around. Many fans regard Monster Squad (1987) as Dekker's finest work but while Monster Squad is all kinds of kick-ass, I'm a big Creep all the way. Any movie that combines alien slugs, zombies, and Tom Atkins is just too damn hard to top.


Matt-suzaka said...

Heh...I wrote a blog about this with the same damn trailer this morning! But I can attest that to it being big news, because it is pretty awesome and about friggin time that this got released.

Now all we need is a Robocop 3 special edition, and the world will finally have peace!!

Jeff Allard said...

I second your call for a Robocop 3 Special Edition - it's time to heal those old wounds! As for Night of the Creeps on DVD, the good news is that this classic is finally getting its long overdue release. The bad news is that I'm sure being even slightly above the rader will only increase its chances of being remade!